vieux pots de peinture

vendredi 14 mars 2014


juste pour le plaisir

4 fleurs sur une longue tige

Une fleur de 20 cm de diamètre sur une hampe de 40 cm environ

12 pétales disposés 3 par 3, longueur des pétales de 10 cm (pour les plus grands  à 4 cm pour les plus petits au centre )

bon amusement

8 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour Claude! Your amaryllis is gorgeous, enjoy it :D! Last winter I also had an Amaryllis, but now it is gone since weeks. I have made one in miniature, whilst I was studying the real amaryllis during its growth. Happily it was before the bad cough, but I haven't shown it yet on my blog, I completely have forgotten!
    Bonne journée!Amicalement, Ilona

    1. the amaryllis flower is very beautiful, I also love the dark red color
      I also tried the mini flower, I put on the blog tomorrow
      I hope your cough is cured
      amicalent and beautiful sun

  2. Hello Claude! I have always enjoyed your flowers in miniature and I look forward to seeing your mini Amaryllis, tomorrow. Meanwhile, this real life one I look at and marvel at its beauty! It never ceases to amaze me at how top heavy this plant is, yet it holds it's head up high and without any difficulty. I personally prefer this pale color to the red because it looks more graceful to me! :D


    1. thank you Elizabeth, I believe that choosing the right paper can make a little appearance of the flower.
      I enjoy growing flowers older, maybe I pay more attention to what surrounds me
      good day

  3. Me encantan las amaryllis!!! Has hecho un buen estudio!!!

  4. Magnifique ! C'est du beau travail !
    Amicalement :)

    1. merci Lila, contente que cela te plaise